Galactic Chimps Club is a collection of 2222 unique and handdrawn spacewalking chimps on the Solana blockchain. Unique art, staking, charitiy, organic growth is what defines us. No false promises.
  • Our galactic conquering plan
     Galactic Chimps comes from humble beginnings and the team has put a lot of time and effort in creating quality hand drawn art, with over 200 handdrawn attributes and more than 20 legendary sets. The unique handdrawn art and staking is what will make this awesome. We have proof documenting the hand drawing proces. In terms of other utility, a portion (2,5%) of minting revenue will be donated to charity. The community will choose where and what to spend. GCC places emphasis on not making false promises. Without us wanting to set unrealistic expectations and making promises that we cannot 100% deliver. Regardless, our road map is not set in stone, so the team constantly looking to innovate and adapt to the cryptoverse. With our hard-working team and multi-talented developer, there exist no boundries.
  • Phase I – Preparation (OCT-DEC) - COMPLETE
     During this phase the team will be working on building the Galactic Chimp Colony. Early supporters will have a chance to get giveaways and can get a whitelist spot. The focus will be on getting the word out to as many people as possible.
  • Phase II – Reveal (JAN) - COMPLETE
     During this phase, sneak peeks of our art will be given to the community. Contest will be held and free mints and honoraries will be given to the community and crypto influencers.
  • Phase III – Launch (END OF JAN) - COMPLETE
     Minting will commence January 31 2022. Whitelisted will get a chance to purchase their unique and original Galactic Chimp before public sale.
  • Phase IV - Post-launch (FEB) - MINTING NOW
     After the mint closes, we want to get GCC listed on howrareis for rarity ranking. and also listed on secondary marketplaces such as MagicEden/Solanart. At the same time, efforts will be directed at marketing our launch and promoting our roadmap changes so that our added value is visible to buyers. Since we have already launched and minting is still ongoing on mint.galacticchimps.com, we have adjusted our strategy to that of a 'slow mint'. Meaning that we build, market and mint at the same time.
  • Phase V – Charity (FEB-MAR*)
     Minting is still live on mint.galacticchimps.com. When the mint closes, we will start our charity campaign. Charity will be 2,5% of total minting revenue. We reduced our this percentage (was 5%), to use these funds for developing the staking system and for marketing purposes. When charity starts we will ask the community to choose a charity to donate part of the earnings to. Proof of this donation will be shared with the community. We are currently also considering implementing a 'charity DAO'.
     We have listened and taken our community members suggestions into great consideration. And decided to add even more utility to Galactic Chimps Club that increases our value for holders. When we started conceptualizing GCC, we were convinced that unique handdrawn art combined with charity would be perceived as a utility. To some extent, this is true. But at the same time it is important to adapt to a dynamic market and ecosystem. So after listening to what our community has to say and after reflecting on the current NFT-market. We have come to the conclusion that GCC needs to adopt to the demand as well. That is why we will set up a charity DAO (initially), using an NFT-based on-chain governance client for holders to handle the charity governance. Our prefered option is SQDS, which will be releasing their Mainnet (V2) in February. For this to be implemented it and grant holders access to our DAO and its perks, we will need to implement a holder verification system. Currently considering Solaland/Grape/Matrica.
     Furthermore, most of our loyal community members have suggested that NFT-staking could be a way to greatly increase our added value to holders. Besides our great art and charity, there is also high demand for ways to create streams of passive income. By developing and implementing a system in which Galactic Chimps Club NFTs can be staked, we want to meet this demand. Anchor framework will be used as the fundementals for this system. Our developer is 'as we speak' diving deep into this framework and its learning curve in order to develop a reliable, user-friendly staking system. It will take our developer about 1,5 months after release to deploy this system on mainnet. This indication also depends on when the minting closes.
  • Phase VIII – GCC TOKEN launch (MAR-may*)
     Implementing a staking mechanism means that a token will need to be launched, which would be the yield for staking. After which, resources will be allocated to develop a mechanism that can yield the native token SOL. In the meanwhile, efforts will be directed to get listed on DEXs and possibly CEXs when GCC has reached the appropriate amount of holders and investors.
  • Phase IX – METAVERSE INTEGRATION (MAY-JUL and beyond*)
     Before and after PHASE IX, the majority of our efforts will be directed at creating more value for both our NFT(s) and our token through metaverse integration. We have already colaborated with ventures such as Looks Rare Studios, Parlay, Solluminati and Solanauts that already contribute greatly to the Solana ecosystem. Increasing our collaborations and further integrating Galactic Chimps Club into the thriving metaverse is our strategy to incentivize and bring even more value to our holders.